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  1. Uribam


    Jun 4, 2009
    There's a website out there called It's completely for indie music. You'll see some bigger guys out there like Radiohead and Flobots etc on there. A lot of bands people haven't heard of and this is a good way to promote music, as well as find new artists you haven't heard that are great. I recommend this and if you guys join up there add Uribam as your friend to see what I like. Maybe you will too, or maybe you'll hate it! Reguardless it'll be good experiences.
    I don't work for them nor do I own it or anything like that. There's just a lot of good music and I wanted to share. I searched and didn't see anything on this site, which was confusing.
    It works like Reddit or Digg or something where all the registered users rate songs if they like them, so you get an idea of what the community likes. There's a good bit of diversity.
    Anyway, just to let you all know. Take care!

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