They Warick that was neglected..

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Nancy-Boy, Oct 22, 2001.

  1. Nancy-Boy


    Sep 16, 2001
    hey all..went shopping today for a new bass i have been for a few months now..came across a Warick Thumb 4 for sales in ive seen soem beat up basses in my time but this poor old thing has been neglected. The wood finsih hadnt been was dull and had no mositure left in it,,all the hardware was full of gunk and C*** the action very low and genreally in very poor condition..there's a dint in the front..but its' not deep but its been lent agaist something warm and it worn away..i saw it and it was for £630.i was very dubious but me and the guy spent 3hour waxing it and cleaning it...and resotring it..ive now bourght it and its home now..ive ordered a new cradle and a new set of screws and some new machine heads from it up and will be waxing it every day till it gets back to how it should be. Its a 99 Warick Thumb in Berbinger. but i have noticed some flaws in it..The G-String has a very wierd tone like a very badly done Jaco Sound which im not too sure it right..when im slapping i cant get a good punchy note out of the A string..its very thin..also its not very loud..not as loud as my ibanez 300DX..the action is very low and hasnt bee setup and i wont set it up till the cradel and stuff it on..has anyone else had problems with action setting and getting rid of fretbuzz? also do people find the warick get harder to play the more u play it?...also ne tips and advice that may come in usefull when looking after my bass would be very welcomed..ive given it a home and the guy who had it before need shooting in my opinion..but im affraid that i wont be able to get use to it..but im trying....:p