No longer available Thick Air by Io Custom Guitars

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    Mar 11, 2019
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    You're not going to see one of these come up for sale often. This is a handmade pedal, and mine is specifically tailored for bass. It's in perfect condition, other than the velcro which I can remove if you want. I'm selling it just because I'm not using it lately and I want to thin the herd.

    $320 USD plus shipping (depending on what shipping method you choose, obviously).

    Here is the technical info:

    The Thick Air pedal consists of two simple Jfet transistor pre-amplifiers using limited supply/NOS components, each with individual gain control and a foot-switch for each. Either pre-amp can be used individually, or in combination.

    Stage One – on the left (designated by the ridiculously obscure 'o' above the left LED) straight forward single transistor preamp with gain control

    Stage Two – on the right (also designated by an equally obscure 'oo' above the right LED ;o) same basic pre-amp as Stage One, but with additional filtering as the Gain is adjusted, and the Air switch which is essentially a subtle 'bright' switch.

    When both Stages are on, Stage One is the initial stage, feeding into Stage Two. When both stages are engaged, the gain is substantially higher than either one individually.

    TA1.jpg TA2.jpg
  2. lucas303


    Mar 11, 2019
    Price reduced to $300