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Thin sounding b-string

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by carl-anton, May 14, 2002.

  1. Hey guys!
    I've got a problem you hopefully could help me with. My b-string is not as 'full' sounding as my other four strings, and I can't find out why. I'm using Slowound strings (45-130) with a taperwound b-string. Though i'm getting more fretnoise from the b-string than the other strings, it still sounds as if its too far away from the pickup. So, is it because the trusrod needs adjustment (had it adjusted lately though), because I can't lower the action anymore, without getting more fretnoise. Or is it because the taperwound string (it's only the b-string thats taperwound) won't sound as full-bodied as the other strings. Or is it pickup adjustment I need. Or howabout a 18'' cab, for those low frequecies?
    Please help me,

  2. jikes :eek: tapered strings :eek:

    I've found that tapered strings usually sound less good than normal strings.. in exception of some brands..

    My 2x10 sounds very tight, so i doubt the 1x18" would solve your problem.. larger speakers CAN give better lows, but do not do it by definition.

    try raising your pickup a little at the b-string, or change your plucking position ( makes a day/night difference on some basses, specially my ibanez.)

    if that doesn't work.. try changing your B string.. Ibanez BTB strings ( the blue / silver combo's ) have a real good " B "..

    or you could ofcourse switch to the best strings available to
    mankind : Richard Cocco strings [​IMG]

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