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  1. I browse around Ebay quite often, always looking for cheap crap :) but I've begun to notice something that is really starting to piss me off when I check the bass guitar section.

    That is that almost everytime I see an add for a bass (Especially the older Fenders!! which shocks me because you old people should know better ;)) it says something about "with that great *insert overly used bassist name here* sound"... Basses that sound just like Jaco, Jamerson, FiElDy, Flea, and a thousand other names. Not only does this do a great deservice to those people (equating their "sound" completley to a specific bass of a specific era) but it also appears to be helping to put the idea in the minds of some people taht they can get THE sound of their idols by getting THEIR bass...

    So, I guess this has also kind of become a public service announcement. Old guys :D its not just us youngins fault that we have this idea of what sound we want, we see all the posts and the ads and the auctions that seem to reafirm...

    Hmm I guess this is also part rant, and I realize slightly flip at times, and I really don't mean any offence to anyone (I figure that if people can get away will telling me that I'm "too young to understand" then I can get away with telling you you're "too old" ;)) so if any mods are angry with me and need to throw this into Misc. or Off topic, I just thought the miscellanious and off topic nature of this post actually had to do with technique which is lost more and more as people are convinced taht they can get THE sound out of THE bass. SORRY!!!
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    non Technique related threads in the Technique forum. Off to miscellaneous with you.
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    Actually I agree completely and just posted more or less exactly the same thing in the thread in Dann Glenn's forum about the Jaco bass on ebay.

    I think people are being ripped off and fooled - but then that's what all advertising/marketing is about - making people think that they really need these things to do what they want! It's the basis of all capitalist societies!

    All you can do is make sure you make the right decisions based on what you know you really want/need an not based on any hype/marketing/advertising or pressure from others.

    Be an individual and don't run with the crowd!! ;)

    PS All the research I've seen has shown that the vast majority pay more for things on ebay than they do elsewhere - that's what keeps it going - you may get the odd bargain but overall, more is being paid.

    Never have so many been ripped off by so few! :D
  4. Like I said, Pacman, I'm sorry if that needed to be moved, but I figured that even thought the converstation leans on the random side, the true essense of the message is that basses to not make Bassists, and that no one will ever be able to capture the true technique and sound of the greats (and the not so greats) so I was torn. Sorry to make you work harder :)