Things to do in Portland OR next month

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  1. Calling all Portland TBer's. I'm gong on vacation next month to your lovely city and I'm looking for interesting things to see and do. I'm big into History and Art as well as holes in the wall with great food.

    Help a brother out?
  2. "Poke out your eyes and move to Portland
    Kill your wife and move to Portland
    Burn down your home and move to Portland
    Come on everybody! We're movin' to Portland"

    - Dead Milkmen "I am the Walrus"
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    Sunlan Lighting and Gravy. Both in the Pearl District.

    Then pop across to Fort Vancouver.
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    Hang out in the Pearl District. Gawk at all the bridges over the Willamette River. Wander aimlessly downtown and enjoy how it manages to be compact and a real city all at the same time. If you have time and means, take a trip out to Astoria along the Columbia River. Astoria is worth the day it would take for a side trip.+

    There's also Powell's, an enormous independent book seller just on the other side of 405 on Burnside.
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    If you're into Blues at all, The Candelight is the place to go.
    There are a lot of good music venues in Portland.
    Great micro breweries, Great coffee.
    The weather is easy to predict. If you look to the east and don't see Mt. Hood, it is raining. If you do see Mt. Hood, it is about to rain.
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    Salvador Molly's for food. Salvador Molly’s – A World of Flavors
    Jim & Patty's Coffee People for coffee, pastries (their hand pies are the best), and the Black Tiger (espresso) shake. JIM & PATTY'S COFFEE PEOPLE - Home
    Stay out of Stumptown Coffee, they sold out to a larger corporation, so I recommend Heart Roasters.
    Here is a cool map of the different coffee roasters in Portland: PDX Roasters | Portland Coffee Roasters Map
    I've tried many of them, good people and good coffee for most.

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    Well yes, I forgot about Powell's! It's kind of assumed.

    The Astoria day trip is another excellent suggestion. In fact, I'm doing this in a week with a guest from out of town. Astoria Column is for sure worth the $5 - then you can leave your ticket with a local, because it's good all year. The column was recently refreshed and is incredible, and the view can't be beat. After prowling around Astoria for awhile, head to Fort Clatsop (Lewis & Clark expedition winter location) and Fort Stevens (active from Civil War to WWII). The big gun in my profile pic thingy

    <------ over there

    is at Fort Stevens. Fort Stevens is huge (in addition to the gun emplacements) and very cool.
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  8. Gopherbassist


    Jan 19, 2008
    Escape to Washington. It's just a bridge away! You won't have to be in Oregon any more! GO!
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    Powell's Book Store, Pearl District, Keller Auditorium (see what's playing there), Waterfront Park, Pioneer Square, Washington Park Zoo, take a drive up the Columbia Gorge to Multnomah Falls, OMSI, and if you're going to be here any time after April 23rd, you have to check out Saturday Market. If you have time, then a day trip to the Oregon Coast is always nice. You can either go northwest up to Seaside, or southwest down to Lincoln City. All beaches in Oregon are publicly owned so they're all accessible by anyone. Just north of Seaside is the town of Gearhart. There you can drive out on the hard, flat beach and drive north for miles!

    Restaurants: Salvador Molly's and Jefe in Lake Oswego (bedroom community outside Portland) are two favs! Jefe is to die for.

    Too many microbreweries to list here. Take your pick. You can hardly throw a stick without hitting a craft brewery or distillery around here.
    Distillery Row Tastings Map | Distillery Row | Beer Map
    Portland is also only minutes away from one of the premiere wine growing regions in the world, and we have dozens of world class wineries here.

    Anyone feel free to add anything I've forgotten!
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  10. Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I'm heading there for 5 Days in the middle of April. Looks to be cool trip!
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    Please report back on how it went and if you tried any of our suggestions.
    It would be cool to hear from someone outside this region how good these places are to them. Sometimes they become legendary to the locals mistakenly so.

  12. Well I just hit Portland a few hours ago and so far I like it. My fist meal was at Lardo and it was fantastic! I'm looking forward to exploring the town.