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Things to look for?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by socalpyropunk, Dec 10, 2001.

  1. Ok so I'm getting a bass for christmas.. with me paying half I have in the $500-$600 range..today just like a previous post I played with a SR400 Ibanez and rather liked it.. I'm upgrading from an Ibanez GSR200.
    When buying the bass from the store what are some key things to inspect and look for in the bass. I'm just wondering because I know that the basses are used by lots of people and curious as too what to look for befor choosing an individual bass
    ...also any recomendations of basses in the prices range would be appreciated..keep in mind I really like the narrow necks.
  2. Holy shiz, u live in Orange County? Thats near where I live ;)

    I live in Riverside County....eh, u hear of that movie named Orange County their comin out with, sweet huh?

    With 800 and a narrow neck...well, does it HAVE to be Ibanez?

    Cause I know you can get a Fender American Jazz for that... thin neck, well, I at least really dig Fenders, so yea ;)

    Of course, I dig all types of basses, but eh... Iunno, I just saw your location and thought I had to post ;)
  3. Toony


    Jun 15, 2001
    hey. dude, i'd say keep looking and play as much as you can before it's actually x-mas. there's too many basses to name in that range or a nickel higher to pick from, and i know the more experienced people have even more and better recommendations than i could give you.

    i can however vouch for the btb line as far as ibanez goes, i have a btb400 and a edb500. my btb is my fav hands down of the too, but i like both. there's also the board's highly recommended mtd kingston's which i've had a chance to play and i would't say any less than great. then theres fenders in that range, though i'm not a fan of fender's myself....they are nice.

    as for the sr and gsr line, no they aren't in my opinion as bad as most claim they are. they're okay and that's as much as i'll credit, but they are far from horrid. my thing is that i *do not* like the neck, my hands are not huge but i still prefer a thicker more secure feeling neck. the fours are actually pretty good in the sr line but the b strings on the 5's are not so.....

    hey but what do i know, i'm still learning too. don't let my opinions guide you, you know what you like, go from that. =)
  4. Wow, so there are some people from OC on these boards! I live in Northern Garden Grove right on the boarder between Anaheim and GG. I goto Rancho High. What about you?

    As for your question... Goto smaller music stores, show interest in a bass, in fact, go there everyday for like a week. Keep on saying how you MIGHT buy the bass. Get to know the people who work there. Make friends with them. Then when it is time to "give in" and buy it, show them some dings and flaws you may find on the bass and ask if you can get the price knocked down for it. YMMV, but it worked for me. DON'T BE SHY ABOUT TRYING TO TALK THE PRICE DOWN! Just imagine you are in Mexico.

    Another good thing to do is bring an experienced bassist with you. Or guitarist, or any experienced musician for that matter.
  5. Thanks for the advice..any recomendations on smaller shops..I'm in Laguna Hills and go to Laguna Hills High School...my band plays up at Chain Reaction in Anehiem a lot though an in Newport a lot.
  6. lo-end


    Jun 15, 2001
    within your price range I would recommend the Ibanez SR810 or the Fender Jazz Bass Standard Series.

    And when you're looking at a new bass, the main thing I look at is the frets. If the frets are all nicely dressed and they dont buzz, you've got a keeper. Also, you want a nice tight neck pocket. If theres gaps between the neck and the body, thats bad construction. Also see if the little plastic cover is still on the pickguard. This isnt that important, but its nice to have a fresh pickguard :p

    Oh yeah, and Ive heard people say to make sure the strings are lined up between all the pickup poles. Sometimes if theyre off center, the output of the corresponding string will decrease. Also check out the piece of wood that the fingerboard is made out of. A lot of times theres a really cruddy piece of rosewood on there with a big stripe down the center, or lots of white spots or discolorations on it. Make sure if you go for a rosewood board, its a nice piece of wood on there. Also check for scratches or dings on the body, and see if the neck is broken. Have the store set up the bass before you buy it, and get a change of strings out of them if you can.

    Thats all the stuff I can think of. You might wanna bring an experienced bass player with you to check out the basses to make sure the one you want isnt a bad build or a bad bass.
  7. SockMonkey


    Oct 26, 2001
    Irvine, CA
    hey im from OC also, well i go to UCI but i go to Chain Reaction all the time i love that place. Anyway for basses i played an SR400 for a short time, its an ok bass but for the price so many better basses, depending on your sound. I like the MTD kingston 4, MIM jazz basses or Yamaha BBN4's all good basses.

    anybody know of punk/rock bands looking for a bassist in oc?:D
  8. i checked out your bass tone from you bands mp3 site and i think you should get a fender zone bass mostly because their easier to play then ibanez and the pick-up's are way better you'll reach a better tone easier and be able to rock all the back yard gigs. saying hello from los angeles county SCREW YOU orangOTANGS!
  9. oh please don't base anything off those recordings..lol..those are from a year ago done live for free at a friends house when the band had just formed..lol..we are in the studio now wasting most of our cash for a very nice product...In the studio I'm using a Mucic Man Sterling and a GK 700RB head and 4x10 cab
    hmmm.....any local bassist that know more about all this wanna go shopping with me...ugh
  10. CrawlingEye

    CrawlingEye Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    ...Peavey... Well... ...Peavey... I think ...Peavey... you ...Peavey... should ...Peavey... go
    ...Peavey... out
    ...Peavey... and
    ...Peavey... checkout
    ...Peavey... some
    ...Peavey... basses
    ...Peavey... at
    ...Peavey... a
    ...Peavey... large
    ...Peavey... store.
    ...Peavey... Know what I mean?...Peavey... ;):D

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