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  1. I'm looking into a Line 6 Delay Modeler Pedal. Can anyone give me any feedback on this or pedals you think are better suited for bass?

  2. SuperDuck

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    Sep 26, 2000
    For effects like delay, usually any model will perform the same for guitar and bass, since the signal isn't really modified, just repeated. The only thing to watch for is that delay and bass can muddy up a mix really quick, so use it tastefully.

    Good luck!
  3. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    Try Steve Lawsons forum he was looking into line 6 stuff
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    Mar 13, 2001
    Providence RI
    i just bought a cheap ibanez delay/echo because i wanted something very simple for very little cash. I got it used for around 20 bucks. It is pretty good and is fine for bass but i tend to like just playing a note then cranking the knob on the rebeats to max and turning down the volume for some serious spacey feedback. Then i change the delay time to cange the pitch of the feedback to make alkinds of weird noises. then i play over it.... sounds like a gateway to hell opened and thousands of bass playing demons arem kicking all the guitar and keyboard players asses.
    I really dont think this pedal was intended for this but thats pretty much its main purpose in my rig.
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    I use a DL4 A does Steve Lawson. The delay models on it are fantastic ... but the real deal is the loop sampler! (you kinda saw that coming didn't you?). Of all the Line6 modelers, the DL4 is the best. I have a MM4 Modulation Modeler also, but currently not using it.
    The delays are great, and go from subtle to over the top trippy. The tube echoplex model is esp. nice, as is the low res digital delay. There is also a unique filter swept delay (a tube echoplex with an envelope filter sweep ) which is very cool.
    The unit has true bypass switching....excellent sound quality and switches. I advice throwing down the extra $$ for the power supply (the thing can eat batteries) and the expression pedal which really open the thing up to some wild possibilities.
    For bass there is no (or very very little) compromised tone quality using this unit....which something very few fx units (especially stomp boxes) can say.
    The looper is what really makes this puppy go tho! As you all probably know, I am a big proponent of bass looping (remember the Solo Bass Looping Tour?)....and whether solo or in ensemble work, the bass is an excellent instruments for creating sonic loops. And the DL4 is a great way to introduced to this growing art form.

  6. Thanks, Max!

    I'm going to try it out this weekend at Mars.