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thinking about the p/j

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by wolfatthedoor, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. ok, i've been playing bass for about a year on my squier P and have come a long way. i love the sound of the P, but whenever i play my friend's J my speed is increased significantly, and feels better on my fretting hand.

    also for the first time ever ive found (w/ musicians friend) the white body w/ maple board combo ive looked for so long, with the P-bass special. i just wanna know what's the buzz here about em? any good/bad experiences? hype/gripe? the review i found didnt say a whole lot, but it sounds like the bass for me right now.

    thanks a lot guys, i trust the opinions here

  2. oh yeah.

    the p-bass special im talking about would be a fender, not the squier. thanks again
  3. christle

    christle Supporting Member

    Jan 26, 2002
    Winnipeg, MB
    P-bass Special has a Jazz neck with a P-Body. Check Fender's site. They have more info on that bass.
  4. right, i know its features, i just wanted to know if anyone had one, maybe get some extra info.
  5. christle

    christle Supporting Member

    Jan 26, 2002
    Winnipeg, MB
    I guess you would know :). As long as you like it...