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Thinking of selling off the big rig

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Balog, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Balog


    Mar 19, 2009
    Mukilteo, WA
    Today I met up with a friend and jammed a bit. It was great, and I really enjoyed it. I'd like to do it again soon. However, the logistics make that tough. I have a LDS 15/6, and to fit it into the back of the car I have to lay both rear seats down flat. That precludes taking the baby with us, and as a new parent it's tough to do things even when we can bring the kid but very very difficult when we can't. I don't gig, and jamming with friends is as close as I've come to a band so being able to crank it up to war volume isn't needed right now. Add in that I'm starting to think that even if I was gigging I'd rather have either a real to spec fearful or a more sensitive 2x15 for use with a low wattage head and I'm thinking it's time to move sell or trade it.

    But it's mentally tough for me to downsize. I know that I'm not currently playing out, but this feels like giving up on that dream (even though in reality it's probably bringing me closer to it by letting me practice with others easier). And even though it's bulky, it's still only 44lbs + a head so I feel like if I went the combo route I might actually end up with something even heavier, that can't get nearly as loud.

    And what would I replace it with? I started on the crappy little "$30 on Craig's List 20w practice combos" and I don't want to go back, but all the research I've done was on bigger rigs: pre+PA amp, fearfuls etc. Having used such a good cab I'm really worried about finding either a smaller cab or a combo that I really like the sound of. I'm mulling over getting either a low wattage tube head or something along the lines of a pf350/500 or GB MB200 and building a smaller 1x15 version of Johnk_10's Starliner with a Faital.

    So... I don't know. Anyone else went from a full rig to a small rig/combo and been happy? Price would be whatever I can sell my LDS for, so $600ish? Anyone in WA state have an awesome little rig and want to trade it for something bigger?
  2. JazzbassArt


    Dec 12, 2004
    Andover, MN
    You might look into one of the GK MB combo amps. I have a 212MBE, and it sounds great. I haven't tried the combo version, but, I can't imagine it's any less of an impact. Plus, the combo version and an the MBE extension cab would allow you to add on as the time allows.
  3. ::::BASSIST::::

    ::::BASSIST:::: Progress Not Perfection.

    Sep 2, 2004
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    Hey Balog - Yeah that LDS sounds great but she is a bit awkward for sure.

    I know this is going full circle, but what about another 12/6? It will get plenty loud for gigging and its small enough that it won't take more than a seat space in your car.

    As to cost there is a guy a TBer and fEARful forum user WCRiley who built a 12/6 using an Alpha mid for $350 so its definitely do-able. You may want to PM him. He's a nice guy. I ended up selling that 12/6 I traded you for the LDS. Just too heavy. Now I am in the process of building a new 12/6 which I estimate to weigh 35LBS when complete. I bought the Arauco from Home Depot for $36cdn for a 4x8 sheet.

    Another option is to build a 115 based cab as you mentioned. If I were really cost conscious I might consider building something around the 3015 nonLF driver. You could clone the Barefaced Compact and therefore not have to incur the expense of the mid or crossover.
  4. groovaholic

    groovaholic The louder the better.

    Sep 19, 2004
    Grand Rapids, MI
    I'd say just keep an eye out for affordable cabs that sound good.

    I just found a Tech Basslines 212 coax cab on Craigslist for a GREAT price. The crossover needed some attention, but I got it working right and it sounds very, very nice.

    Similarly, I got started on the "PA cab for bass" phenomenon with a Yamaha 3-way cab that I bought for $75 at Music Go Round.

    With options that inexpensive, you could leave it at your friend's house and just bring your amp when you want to jam.
  5. JWP


    Aug 19, 2012
    So why not keep the big rig and get a solid practice amp. I have an ampeg ba115 i use and love it. For our open sessions we can have up to 2 guitars....keys....drummer and seperate percussionist and i have never not had enough punch....
  6. SBassman


    Jun 8, 2003
    Northeast, US
    The GK MB's were made for you.
  7. Hopefully you bring ear protection for the young ones.

    My grand daughter attended her auntie's concerts, but only with hearing protection.
    She was age 3 when this was taken.
    This venue runs about 110~115 dB near the stage.

    If you don't need tremendous loud levels, there are many opportunities for small, light weight, and clean.
    As of this writing, I have the S2010 and Alpha 6A on the prototype box.
    The design is a modest 2-way crossed over at 500 Hz.
    It calculates to 114 SPL at 1 meter, 21 volts / 55 watts.
    It can be biamped above 135 Hz for full power use.
    Box is 22"x12x11.5", weighs 24 pounds, F3 at 70 Hz on the RTA.
  8. Interceptor


    Mar 29, 2005
    Madison, WI
    A 12/6 may well be a good compromise. I use one for all sorts of things, and it sounds pretty much the same as a 15/6, and really fits in a car with ease. Not that hard to build, just take your time and think through all the little puzzles along the way.

    Or, google Francis Deck. He's got a super useful 12" cabinet design on his personal page.
  9. Balog


    Mar 19, 2009
    Mukilteo, WA
    Pretty limited budget for new gear at the moment, so I'm thinking I'd need to sell off my cab to finance a new cab/combo.

    Only issue with that is I have a 700rbii (which was pulled from a combo I believe) right now, and I have to say I am really not digging it so far. Just not getting a sound I like out of it, although I haven't fiddled with it much.

    Yeah, that 12/6 Passinwind built was freaking gorgeous but just stupid heavy. I have thought of building one, but given my current work schedule and home situation I really don't want to render myself without a cab then find I don't have the time to build out a box/crossover etc. If I was going to build anything it'd be a simple full range 15.

    I've thought about that, but I'm worried about going from the fearful line back to cheap commercial cabs. :(
  10. dukeorock

    dukeorock Owner BNA Audio Supporting Member Commercial User

    Mar 8, 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Authorized greenboy designs builder/Owner of BNA Audio
    My fEARful 12/6cube replaced my 410, 212...small, light and amazing sound

    Also had an AudioKinesis TC115AF for awhile that was quite nice and covered a lot of ground.
  11. Dude, down size to smaller cabs. That way, you can easily transport one (2x10, 1x15, 1x12) for smaller stuff, and should the need arise, you can lay the seats flat and haul the whole rig.

    This also gives you time to save up and buy quality gear onc piece at a time. I did this last year and it's exciting each time you get a piece in. Prolongs the honey moon. In my case, I have a 1x12 I practice at home with. I carry a 1x15 to the jam with just the guitarist. When we meet with the drummer, I have a 2x10 I throw on top of the 1x15 to sit comfortably in the mix. I also downsized my head from a 4 space rack mount to an ultra light. I do miss that heavy tube tone, but the tube pre in my current amp is plenty warm for my use.

    It hurts at first to let the stuff go, but you'll be glad you did when you get new gear and fall in love all over again.
  12. --Vissinger --

    --Vissinger --

    Jan 31, 2010
    My traveling rig is an Ashdown Superfly and a modified BagEng 2x10. It fits in the back of the GTI, and often rides there for quite some time. It has always worked great, is plenty loud with a rock drummer, and received many favorable comments on the tone.

    There's no sacrifice in tone, volume or prestige, IHMO.

    While I have a GK amp, a Markbass and a pre/high powered amp rack unit, another pair of 1x15's and another 2x10, and a nice Aguilar GS 112 for convenience, the above works great. Gigs get whatever setup makes sense. Sometimes both 1x15's and both 2x10's with a Kilowatt.

    You're thinking this too hard. Minimize, dude.
  13. MSUsousaphone


    Dec 4, 2009
    Lake Charles, La
    Endorsed Artist: Myco Pedals
    I'm currently chilling in a hospital room, watching my Saints play, wife pregnant with quintuplets fast asleep.....and man.....I've recently made similar changes......

    I started with:

    Mesa Bass 400+ (in a 6sp rack with a power conditioner)
    fEARful 15/6/1
    fEARful 15/6
    And a huge DIY pedal board a little bigger than a PT-Pro that sat inside an ATA Flight Case and housed 15 high end pedals (Infanem Faye's Her, Strymon Timeline, Swell B-Peg, Mountainking Megalith, to name a few).

    Now I'm rocking a:

    Glockenklang Blue Soul
    fEARful 15/6/1
    PT-2 that houses a few pedals and the midi controller for
    Laptop/Audio Interface that I'm running all of my effects through

    It's been an insane transition. Selling the fEARful I built hurt, as did selling most of my pedals that I've spent years collecting, but it all funded the laptop stuff and Glock Blue Soul. Pretty much broke even. The Blue Soul is AMAZING. So much freaking tone and only 11lbs. The BEST tone I've ever played with. So awesome. The laptop/midi thing is a new venture so I can't comment to much on it, yet.

    When I gig, I have the bass, the cab, and then everything else fits into a Mono M80 pedal case and a Thule Crossover 32L backpack. I can load and unload in one trip (used to take me four).

    Not the best situation for you, since you'd still have the 15/6.....but I dare say I could rock a 12/6 and still have all the volume I need.
  14. ::::BASSIST::::

    ::::BASSIST:::: Progress Not Perfection.

    Sep 2, 2004
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    If you cannot swing a build and don't have alot of cash for an AB build, I think your only choice is a commercial cab at this point, unfortunately. That said, there are some decent commercial cabs out there. A single epi UL112 would get you loud enough for a jam and would fit in your car with family easily. A Bag End S15D is also quite loud yet small-ish.
  15. Raymeous


    Jul 2, 2010
    San Diego
    How about one from this series?

    VIDEO http://www.carvinchannel.com/play.php?vid=251

    I know they are not one of the big names out there but I have been really happy with my rig from them. I have one of the head and cab set ups which is loud yet clean and defined. These compact amps same that same "hi-fi" (aka not muddy) quality and have around 200w with the ability to add extension cabs. The EQ is VERY good and these things sound good with my active 6 string or my P-bss. It all sounds good. Being in San Diego I've had a chance to play these amps a few times and I really like them.

    No I don't work there. I'm just a fan. :smug:
  16. Balog


    Mar 19, 2009
    Mukilteo, WA
    Yeah... it's just tough, the first real cab I ever had (aside from the aforementioned 20w super cheap combos) was that 12/6 I traded you. Hard to goto something else after playing that...

    And the thing is, I'm friends with a professional cabinet (like, the ones in your kitchen) maker and I know he'd whomp out the wood work for a couple beers and a nice dinner. I guess it depends on how time consuming and spendy it is to do up the cbg crossover. Hmmm.... maybe that wouldn't be so bad, I'll have to look into it more.
  17. BigRedBassPlayer

    BigRedBassPlayer Supporting Member

    I am thinking about the same thing. I have over 200 lbs in my 2 cabs and head. I was thinking about going to a GK combo. And I can use my buddies if the need is ever for a big rig. Money is tight, otherwise I'd buy the combo and keep the rig.
  18. Balog


    Mar 19, 2009
    Mukilteo, WA
    Which combo? I have the head from a 700rbii combo, and I'm not really digging it so far.
  19. wonderjosh


    Nov 19, 2009
    Fort Worth, TX
    Sell your LDS and whatever head you're using and pick up an Aguilar TH500 and a pair of DB112's(or just one to start). This set up is the shiz, and is being played by a ton of pros right now, and for good reason. It sounds sweeeet. I love mine... Its as close to a tube amp as I've heard from a lightweight.
  20. BigRedBassPlayer

    BigRedBassPlayer Supporting Member

    If your asking me, I was thinking about going after the MB212 first series. I know they have the second coming out, but man those looks of the grills on the GK cabs get me everytime. I am also thinking about the MB210. Just not sure what one I should shoot for. I figured I can get one now, and down the road build back up to a smaller rig that's lighter than the one I have now.

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