Thinking of upgrading speakers in older peavey 215 cab since I can’t find a VB-215

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    Jul 31, 2021
    I was looking on Peavey’s website for the VB-215 specs to find the model of speakers used. Of course they’re discontinued and I can’t find any used ones around for sale, but Peavey does appear to have a speaker available with similar specs, the 1505-8 KADT (not sure what these letters at the end mean either). The 1502-8 was used in the VB-215 and I’m looking to replace the speakers in my 215 cabinet for my VB3 bass amp. My 215 enclosure is one with the simple model number of “215 Enclosure” from the 80’s or 90’s. The speakers are centered on the face of the enclosure with triangular ports on the right side of each speaker toward the middle (sort of in between the speakers). The dimensions of each of these enclosures are presented in HxWxD: VB-215 (49.81” x 26.12” x 26.00”) my 215 (40.25” x 25.50” x 14.50”). The dimensions of concern to me are the height and depth and I’m also curious about the vent size differences but I can’t find any measurements on the VB215 vent size.

    My goal is to install new 15” speakers into my enclosure to make more head room for the VB3 amp and improve my preferred sound with the change from the original Scorpion Plus speakers to the Black Widow series.

    Will these 1505-8 speakers perform as, or better than, the 1502-8? And would the 1505-8 speaker be able to operate properly in my current 215 enclosure?
    I’ll include the spec sheet image for the VB-215 (attached) and link to the speaker on Peavey’s site.

    Black Widow® 1505-8 KADT Speaker |

    Thanks for the advice!

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