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Third Bass Blues

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by Bob Zink, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. I just acquired a DeVilli CCB. It's second-hand but brand-spankin' new. For $400 I got the bass with bow and bag, a heavy folding music stand w/ bag, a clip on music stand light, and a K&K Bass Master Rockabilly (Slap Special) System. The latter was still in the original shipping box, never installed, provided by - you guessed it - All Hail! Bob Gollihur.

    Here's the dilemma: this is my third bass and I'm married. Need I say more? :rollno:

    Seriously, my plan is to keep the amplification system and accessories and get rid of the bass. I have three possible plans for this bass.
    1. Try to sell it as is and hopefully end up with the other goodies for free, or nearly so.
    2. Do a new set up first and try to make a profit.
    3. Trade this bass as is for an old Kay with a sunken top and fix it up instead.
    I can’t imagine these basses have much resale value as-is from the factory. OTOH, is it worth the investment of time and money to fix it up first? That old adage about not being able to shine shi* comes to mind.

    If I were to work on it, I would probably only reset the endpin plug so that it’s fully seated (it needs to go in another 1/2 inch), replace the truly bizarre metal tailpiece (which is in full contact with the saddle, BTW) with wood, a new aircraft cable tailgut, and a new bridge. Would this work, successfully done, be likely to increase the bass's value sufficiently?

    And how about the third scenario? I know a grade school orchestra teacher who may be willing to trade a bass that currently doesn’t play for one that does. I know for a fact that this particular old Kay has been without a soundpost for years. The top is caved way in, and it’s just collecting dust in storage, the repair bill being too high for the budget. Has anyone had much like trying to bring a top like this back into shape? If it proves too difficult, how much would an old Kay with a new Englehart top be worth today?

    Best Regards,