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This cheap little bass has completely surprised me! (Peavey Content)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by autodidact, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. autodidact


    Mar 13, 2011
    Lancaster, PA
    Last week in a trade I picked up a Korean made Peavey Milestone III and I have to say after a little set up this bass is far and away the best bass I've played for the money. Retailing at under $200 brand new this thing slays! I've always been a P or P/J player, I've only ever played 1 jazz bass that I was acutally into but this has completely changed my mind. Completely stock I love the tone, the electronics and build quality are solid and the neck is to die for, so smooth and fast. Plugged in through my SansAmp BDDI this bass kicks it up an extra notch and I'm offically hooked. I'm selling off my modded Squier P/J tonight because it just couldnt hold up to the Milestone :eek:

    Sorry if I'm gushing but I am beyond satisfied with Peavey's work on this bass. Almost immediately my mind started to wonder what mods to do on this cheapie but I think this one might be safe as is :bassist:
  2. Cool!
    Got pics?
  3. dwh87


    Jul 31, 2007
    My first bass was a milestone III. Very nicely put together and holds up well against others at the price point and slightly above.

    I can't speak for all of them but mine has a quick slick neck and a good fret job. The finish is up to standard and the pick ups sound good enough. My only complaint is the shoddy input that kept popping out until i fixed it up. The tuners and bridge could do with an upgrade.
  4. autodidact


    Mar 13, 2011
    Lancaster, PA
    Quick cellie pic
  5. Sumtingwong


    Nov 25, 2011
    Central Pa
    No shame in Peavey Basses... Not a fan of their amps, but like everything they make, they're useful, functional and virtually indestructible.

    My first bass was a T-40, second a T-45, third a Peavey Sarzo, and I traded an American Jazz for a Pallaedeum, and wasn't sorry I did so. Keep your other basses for a while until you get some gig time under your belt with this bass, but I've always thought they sit well in the mix. They can be heavy too- The T-40 was stoopid heavy.
  6. In my opinion Peavey makes some of the smoothest playing necks on the market. You own one bass, and you want to try another.

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