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    Mar 12, 2004
    <p><img src="" align="right" alt="John Entwistle" />On Oct. 9, 1944, John Alec Entwistle was born in a London suburb. In the early 1960s he and singer Roger Daltrey joined a band that later became The Who. He would go on to write several well-known Who tunes, such as <i>Cousin Kevin</i>, <i>My Wife</i>, <i>Boris The Spider</i>, and <i>Heaven and Hell</i>. The Who's 1964 single <i>My Generation</i> is often credited as the first electric bass solo on record. In addition to his work with The Who, Entwistle recorded several solo-bass albums and is also generally credited with popularizing the use of roundwound bass strings. His work is often cited in "best-ever" bass polls both in magazines and online. Entwistle died of an overdose in 2002 on the eve of a new Who tour. Highly regarded session ace Pino Palladino replaced him and the tour went on. Visit the <a href="">John Entwistle website</a> and consider supporting the <a href="">John Entwistle Foundation.</a></p>
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    Oct 21, 2004
    John Entwistle died of an overdose? Please explain.
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    Apr 24, 2005
  4. "Killer" coke :meh:
  5. Wow.

    I had thought the tox reports came up clean and he died of simply a heart attack without any contributing factors. Very sad.