this is a pretty cool trick

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  1. check this site out:

    and scroll down till you see; Todd Johnson's full-contact 6-string jazz

    i think that would be pretty cool. i know he is doing it on a 6 string but i dont have my 6 string built yet. I have been doing it on my 4 string and it sounds pretty cool. gotta have A LOT of finger independance. good luck
  2. The Ron Eschete Trio (Todd Johnson is the bassist) is good jazz listening (IMO). There are a few mp3 tunes at

    Todd Johnson studied with Dann Glenn, among others.
  3. That is VERY cool. I printed it off so I can practice it. Luckily I play a six.
  4. yea i am getting a DP custom pretty soon and it will be a six string. that will be really fun to do when playing with just a guitarist. i do it now on my four string but with a six you can get a wider range and you can play triads too. it should be fun
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    Mar 24, 2001
    that is cool, with the seven it's not an issue either. Takes a minute to get used to though.