This One Goes Up to 11 (Colibri Bass Review)

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    Apologies for the dated Spinal Tap reference! This is the second of my reviews on boutique basses that I've recently played. If you haven't taken the poll, please weigh in on "Boutique basses that lived up to your expectations":

    Boutique Bass Poll: Review: Rogers 5-string jazz bass (Ulyate pickups) *Multiple votes allowed!*

    After having heard a bit about Colibri, I played this 4-string jazz bass (pics below). I love this jazz bass! It is definitely a high-end, pro-level instrument. The alder body was really comfortable, with a slightly under-sized body and a modern compound radius on the wenge fingerboard. I believe the compound radius was 9.5" to 12". It felt really flat and very fast in the upper register.

    I had never played a wenge fingerboard before; it sounded snappy and delivered plenty of bite for slapping, but without the brittle highs. The neck also had a slim profile, which made it quite easy to execute fasts runs and my favorite slap riffs. The fast neck definitely made me want to play!

    The owner swapped out the original pickups and installed hand-wound single coils by Howard Ulyate. They are in the 70's position, with the bridge pickup slightly closer to the bridge, so the overall sound is full of jazz-bass growl and bite! I'm told that Howard Ulyate slightly overwinds these pickups. The result is a big, fat sound with plenty of low-mids and bottom, but also a tasteful amount of treble when you need it. Kudos to Howard!

    Man, this thing was really comfortable, and it delivered the passive jazz bass sound that I crave! Because of the overwound pickups, the sound is boosted, even without an active preamp. The front pickup was big and fat, with plenty of lows. The back pickup has nice definition and punch, but without the extreme nasal sound of some bridge pickups. Overall, it was such a pleasure to play this beast! If you have any experience with Colibri basses, please weigh in! Looking forward to reading your comments.

    Disclosure: I'm not on the payroll of Rogers, Colibri, Ulyate, or the Bass Hang, and I've never received any merchandise from them. Thanks to Steve Araujo of The Bass Hang (The Bass Hang - Where Musicians Hang) for setting up this "test drive."

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  2. Glad you liked the bass!! Heres the original quick video I did with the bass. This is with an Audere Preamp set to their "flat" eq setting and the Ulyate pickups.
    Great basses!!!
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