this one time at music camp...

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  1. LittleJaco


    Nov 4, 2004
    So last week I was at the hartwick music festival program studying jazz, classical, and whatnot. A few days before the camp starts I look at the guest artist list and I see ......
    :hyper: JOHN PATTITUCCI :hyper:
    on the list. So he came last saturday and it was absolutely in****ingsane (pardon my cussing). he taught this really awesome master class and it showed me how cool and collected he is. If I didnt know he was famous he would just seem like a nice down to earth guy. he showed some upright players how to play a solo in 1 position. then at night he played a concert with mike holober where he premiered his bass tribute to ray brown, :bassist: which was an amazing one. He was going to sign my jazz bass but i nor he had a sharpie but i shook his hand :cool: so maybe the bass-ness will rub off on me.
  2. Dang I'm very jealous. I love Mr. P's style and would kill to hear him give a class! I still can't believe my mom used to jam with him in college. Small world, eh? Anyways, you are a lucky man! Rock on!