This story is incredible

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    That is a great story, thanks for the link :)
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    That is a truly wonderful tale.

    However, the story of the Siamese cat, the English Bull Terrier and the Golden Labrador finding their way home was much more impressive. AND they could talk. :)
  4. sandmangeck


    Jul 2, 2007
    Do you guys think he had a more enjoyable upbringing being as he was adopted in Austraila?
  5. Jake Saint

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    Dec 31, 2011
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    More than likely. I mean, i know India has its wealthy people and areas, but from the story, and how he even got lost, his family wasn't in either class.

    Now, whether or not his upbringing was actually happier? no clue. more enjoyable though? almost definitely.
  6. This is a great story, and it is disgusting to me that at the end of the article it mentions the monetizing of this guy's story. I know that this is how the world works and people are always after acquiring rights in something like this, but let something be sacred for what it is.
  7. Wow. That was great!
  8. He grossly overestimated the speed of Indian trains there :p
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    LOVED those movies.