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This weekend...

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Daniel Baskin, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. It seems that tonight will be the first night in two nights in a row where I don' find myself in a state of enchantment and awe. This weekend was amazing.

    On Friday, after kicking butt playing the proffessional score of Night on Bald Mountain in a high school symphony (really good program atm) the night before, I go to school and take a bike ride afterwards. Then, in early evening I go to my very good friend's/girl who I really care about's house for dinner with her family. The dinner table is filled with anecdotes and laughter. (Me and her father have a lot in common and her little siblings are funny and they are all VERY nice, sincere people). We randomly take a long walk...which turns even longer when we keep on avoiding going back to her house so we can keep talking. When we get back, we have an informal worship service in her house where we play our instruments and sing. (She plays violin jazz and classical, vibes, and piano). We go for about a couple hours....then she gets on piano and we gather around to play jazz standards for about an hour. She is an excellent musician and very poetic btw. I leave at around 10:30 and give her a hug before I go.

    Now....Saturday is here: My rock band's first gig.

    I wake up at around 7:45 and go for a bike ride to another member's house and wake him up because I'm mean like that. In reality, I thought we would drive to the gig seperately so I went to get directions but that wasn't the case. We met at the drummer's house and practiced from 11 to 3 then we packed everything up and left to arrive at the destination at 5. After setting everything up at this Birthday party (sweet 16 for a girl, but she was the opposite of the girls on the MTV show), we hang out for a bit.

    The first song we play is Overature and Temple of Syrnx of 2112. The lead guitarist plays everything fine, but when the lead vocal guitarist plays an nothing comes out, we stop for him to PLUG IN. Then, when we try to start from the qtr note drum/guitar hits at the beginning, they are not together. A couple measures later were grooving again. The song goes pretty well, with some nervousness-induced mistakes.

    Now, the second song (Man in a Box) rolls along and 3/4 way into it, my cabinet and amp on top falls off of the speaker riser. I only notice when I can't hear myself anymore onl y look around and see someone helping me get it hooked back up again. To my surprise and the end of my complete dread that something broke, the only damage is with a broken intrument cable. After getting a new one and re-hooked up, we start on Interstate Love Song. I mess up on one part, but it goes pretty well (again nervousness-induced).

    We then play our own rendition of the Beetle's "Birthday" (with the same lyrics though) after our drummer plays an impressive drum solo intro. The crowd loves both the solo intro and the song. We then go on the play "Sober." With the exception of mike feedback at the end and the vocal not coming in when he was supposed to (which no one really noticed since I just repeated my riff and nodded to him), it went fine.

    Intermission. We have, not a pep talk, but just a general time when we realize how bad the first set was talk, and then we proceed to start the second set. We absolutely nail Blackest Eyes (Porcupine Tree), especially the beginning when it starts out really soft, because we got jumps when we entered the major part of the song, magnificently loud. Next we play Sex Type Thing, which just goes off well, nothing special. On Fly by Night (Rush), I nail the bassline and things go pretty well. We end with an easy one (Die Die My Darling, Metallica version), and then Empire (Queensryche). Aside from forgetting the details of the bassline, I play by ear on Empire (our guitarists said we nailed it, I wasn't paying attention, too busy finding the line).

    So anyway, it was a rush (hehe, get it? I said "It was a rush" after we were done and they laughed and I only got it much later). After packing up and leaving, we get lost. We take some detours but we (17 and 18 year olds) manage to find the main drag roads and get home. After we get to our drummer's house, we just stand outside under the stars and talk. I then go home and then to bed.

    Well, I hope it wasn't too boring, but that's my story.
  2. Kristopher


    Mar 13, 2005
    Tempe, AZ
    I always like hearing gig stories, thanks for that.

    That girl of yours and her family sound awesome. I'm jealous!