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This Week's Smokin' Craigslist Find

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by EdO., Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Hey y'all. Thought I should post this week's smokin' Craigslist deal. Found this ad Friday, big ad listing a bunch of PA gear, lights, DJ stuff etc. Buried in the ad is listed a Epiphone T-Bird he says he bought new in 2009 and never played. Photos looked good so I called and set up a meet for earlier yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. When I saw it in person I couldn't believe my eyes. This baby is literally brand new! Hadn't even been set up, not a scuff or scratch on it.

    It's a Epiphone Classic T-Bird IV (bolt on neck, passive). Dude says he'd literally played it an hour tops and I believe it from the looks of it. Note that in the photo below of it in the case that it still has the plastic on the cases handle for crying out loud. By the serial number I think it's actually a 2007 model (SN# UC0701xxxx) but not sure on that point. My walk away with it price - $300 case included! Even if you're not a Epi T-Bird fan this was still a too-good-to-pass deal IMO.

    Rushed it home and whipped a quick setup on it. Neck adjustment, lowered the bridge to get the action down, had to reset intonation on the D and G strings. Plays light, fast, and easy, unbelievable!

    All his other stuff is pretty reasonably priced too, big PA system with a couple 18" subs, QSC power amps, most of it basically brand new. Some pretty fancy looking DJ stuff that meant absolutely nothing to me. Says he tried to start up a DJ gig several years ago but it didn't take off. Considering he's based in a pretty small town about 80 miles south of Kansas City I can see why. I figure that's why he's selling it all at reasonable prices, his location is too far out of the main stream but just a half hour drive for me. I'm still stoked. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: t-bird-4-case-. epiphone-003-.

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