SOLD Thor Custom Built 4 String 32" Scale Book Matched Walnut Headless Bass

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    May 12, 2017
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    Bass Top.jpg The bass is currently sitting quietly in its case in the corner of the man cave. It is minding its own business.
    I have the original build sheet. You can see what it is. It is a custom made Thor ( fretless bass. It has a 32” scale with an ebony fretboard that has purpleheart fret lines. It has a chambered walnut body which makes very light and manageable. It is a headless design, which makes it even more compact and very easy to play at gigs for hours on end. It has 3 pickups that generate a tone and sustain that are reminiscent of a piano, however with the pickup and amp configuration, just about any desired bass sound can be generated. I found “the one” for me, and never changed it. It is very nice.
    However I have transitioned to upright for Jazz gigs and just don't play it. It needs to be played. It will probably need new strings since it has been sitting. Comes with the original soft case. Buyer pays shipping.