Thoughts on Mesa Boogie Eight 88 with 2X10 cab..

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    So I'm ready to bump up my rig ... I'm currently using a walkabout and overall like it until I turn it up and then the lows tend to get quite muddy.

    While at the local dealer I tried out the eight 88 with a Mesa 2x10 cabinet and at the lower volumes I'm mainly using the tone was much cleaner. I'm sure this thing cab also achieve an amazing tube overdrive but that's not exactly what I'm looking for most of the time. I like a bit of overdrive in the tone but not to where the lows get muddy.

    Anyone have experience with this stuff? Pros or cons?

    Also is there any difference between the $799 and $599 2x10 Mesa cabinets other than the "road worthy" nature of the build? The website shows similar specs... Or did I miss something.

    Eventually I'm going to want to add a 2nd cabinet but for now just the one.
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    You are referring to the Mesa Strategy (Eight 88). there is a ton of discussion about the 465w all tube Strategy, along with its smaller cousin, the 250w all tube Prodigy.
    look here to start:

    as far as the cabs you are asking about, it sounds like the Mesa Traditional vs the Mesa Powerhouse. Mesa cabs are all built like tanks, so I don't think its the "roadworthiness" thats the difference. I think the Traditional cabs have an adjustable horn, but no crossover. The Powerhouse cabs have the so-called Mesa Player Control feature, which is the same as what's found on your Walkabout cab. It's a three way adjustable crossover switch.

    check the Prodigy/Strategy Threads for more info on the amps.

    good luck.
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    Apr 22, 2006
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    thank you, I am heading right over there to read up on it... I've been talking to the dealer and I'm 99% convinced to place my order.