Thoughts on the Carvin MB15 considering the "going-out-of-business-price?"

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mikeddd, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Mowbro


    Jul 6, 2015
    I used to own one a couple years ago. I sold it and haven’t missed it. In that price range new, IMO, a rumble 100 combo out performs it.
  2. mikeddd


    Nov 12, 2009
    San Antonio, TX
    BTW, where are the schematics for the amp? I see the user manual, but that doesn't have the schematic in it. Thanks.

    I'm also leaning towards the thought that for "a liquidation" the prices should be cheaper. 10% off and free shipping is a good start, but "going out of business" typically comes with "desperation pricing." Hmmm.
  3. RNG1


    Mar 1, 2015
    I have no issue getting more Carvin stuff even with the situation. I’m looking for another MBE115 but they don’t have any that I could find. I’m even thinking of picking up the 700 head. 30% off right now I think that’s like $349 that’s a ridiculous deal. I’ve been using the 500 exclusively for the last few years with never an issue and regularly getting great comments on my sound from people.
  4. Smooth_bass88

    Smooth_bass88 vaxx! Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2006
    North AMERICA, USA
    I wouldn't
  5. CapnSev


    Aug 19, 2006
    Coeur d'Alene
    I wouldn’t even go near that thing. It’s not a deal in the slightest, they’ve always been around that price when Carvin had sales. The seller is just a “liquidator” trying to pull the wool over someone.

    For an extra $100, a brand new GK 112 is available, or a Fender Rumble for cheaper. Both of those are great rigs. The Ibanez Promethean is the same price too.
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  6. mmbass21

    mmbass21 Supporting Member

    Dec 10, 2016
    On eBay the same liquidator for Carvin is selling it for $317 with the Footswitch. I'll wait for one more price drop, that amp is more than worth it for a solid backup at that price.
  7. mikewalker


    Jul 30, 2017
    Canada, Eh!
    MB15, MB10, MB210 are in fact using the BX250 head...

    Schematics Archive

    or more precisely,
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  8. RNG1


    Mar 1, 2015
    For the 700 or the combo?
  9. BadExample


    Jan 21, 2016
    carvincorporation | eBay

    Beware the 700 has no schematic out there. The 250/500 share a fairly simple class D section, as class D goes anyway. Hopefully the 700/1500/1600 share the same chip.
  10. popgadget

    popgadget Commercial User

    Sep 4, 2005
    Eastern, PA USA
    Authorized Greenboy Designs Builder, Scabbey Road
    With this in mind, I think that you would likely be disappointed. You might be better served by getting one of the many compact class D amps and stick with your 15/6.
  11. mmbass21

    mmbass21 Supporting Member

    Dec 10, 2016
    For the 700 head.
  12. RNG1


    Mar 1, 2015
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  13. FingerDub

    FingerDub Inactive

    Jan 8, 2016
    "These the liquidators.." Only Carvin is selling them. You seem angry at them for some reason.
  14. I have an MB210 and a BX700. Both were bought before the company announced it was going out of business. I'm satisfied with both. The MB210 is loud enough for small gigs. The BX700 through a fEARful 12/6/1 can be louder than I'll ever need. Both are fairly transparent, but with useful EQ, drive and compression. I've used the direct out from the MB200 into FOH and it was OK (quiet and flexible). I don't hear any effect from the tube in the BX700 preamp. The BX700 arrived with a buzzing at certain frequencies, which I tracked down to a defective sheet metal screw holding down a circuit board. Trying to tighten it stripped the screw, so I had to replace it with something different that seems to be holding. Glad I didn't send the amp back at the time, because it wasn't long after that they went bankrupt.

    Why write all this? If you do take the chance, the amps you're considering are solid. But even though I consider myself satisfied with the Carvin amps I have, I would *not* buy one at this point. If the BX700 got down to 50+% off, I might consider it for parts. Even then, I would have a hard time not just squirreling the money away for the day that the Carvin really bites the dust.
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  15. BadExample


    Jan 21, 2016
    See post 29.
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  16. mikewalker


    Jul 30, 2017
    Canada, Eh!
    On the subject of MB15/MB210/MB10/MX250... I have to mention that I am enormously pleased with the DI on mine: a nice hot signal without a TRACE of hum or hiss :thumbsup:

    Incidentally, I wonder if the BX700 schematic is posted there on their site but for whatever reason the link to it didnt get put on the page?

    You could always try wading through all 20 pages of google search results from that folder... site: .pdf - Google Search
  17. While I liked the BX500 when it was working, the first two were DOA. The third died right after the warrantee expired. I got it fixed once and it worked 3more years. When it died the next time it was terminal. I looked at theses on the final sale notice but decided against it. I would have bought a cab if they had the one I wanted but no amps. Fool me once......
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  18. BassmanPaul

    BassmanPaul Inactive

    At one time Carvin was my #1 goto resource. If I wanted something for my musical endeavours I would look at the Carvin catalogue first. I believed in their equipment. it has never let me down. That’s a Carvin LB76WP bass in my avatar. I have two other sixes and a five I built from Carvin parts. All are beautiful instruments.

    It’s just like the Sears debacle here in Canada. They are now gone too. I get angry when a family owned business is dragged down by greedy people. I think of the staff, the folk who have worked their entire lives to make the business what it was, only to be left with an underfunded pension plan and little to no severance.
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  19. FingerDub

    FingerDub Inactive

    Jan 8, 2016
    I understand. You sound like a good man.

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