Thoughts on Yamaha TRBX 605FM vs Ibanez BTB675- quality of sound/feel

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  1. Can someone please give me some ideals of the quality/sound of the Yamaha TRBX605FM as it might compare to an Ibanez BTB675? I picked up a used BTB 675 a couple weeks but on the fence as far as "fit" goes. Maybe borderline too wide? I don't know. I tried a couple of the SR series and while they are nice guitars, but the Yamaha seems to be a better value as I'm thinking I'd have to go with a SR875 to get the same quality of bass as I have with the BTB675 or perhaps the TRBX 605... I don't know. That's why I need experienced advice.

    Anyone have any insight as to the quality of the TBRX605's? The specs say they have a 34" scale, 18mm strings spacing and a 43mm nut. It's just a little more compact than the BTB675, but I'm concerned about the comparative quality of sound and if it's worth getting hold of one to compare side by side while I still have the ability to return the Ibanez. I don't want to go through the exercise only to be disappointed by the Yamaha in the comparison.
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    Honestly I tried the Yamaha out at a store near me. It was fantastic! The finish was beautiful and I really loved the tone. It sounded like a modern boutique bass. And the eq didn’t take much adjusting to give the Bass different character. The weight wasn’t bad either. If I wasn’t a short scale player (I can’t do the reach any more) I would have bought it on the spot. But that is my opinion...ymmv
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  3. I expect it's a good bass. Yamaha is known for its value in instruments. Got to play the BTB on an acoustic gig tonight and a GC was on the way to had an interesting experience there, so learned a lot... but no Yamahas at GC. Thanks for your comments Jonny.
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    Jan 26, 2002
    I just bought one and I found it more comfortable than the BTB675 I looked at. Light with a comfortable neck. Sounds good and the preamp is very usable.

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    Gorgeous bass man, on the fence about one as well, other option in this range I’m looking at is the Ibanez TMB605 (ash Talman 5 with Licensed Nordy’s)... this Yamaha looks beautiful and really classy though, dig the preamp options on it more too...

    Any other updates on how you’re liking it to feed some GAS?? Thanks ahead of time!
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    Jun 16, 2009
    Yamaha TRBX, really gorgeous instruments !
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    Jan 26, 2002
    I like the sound. It very flexible in terms of tone. Compared to my Ibanez SR1205 with Nordstrand pickups it is a bit beefier sounding. Almost like comparing an articulated Precision to an aggressive Jazz. It can be aggressive but it can do deep and smooth as well without sounding extreme.

    As for the neck, I find it a bit easier to play than most Ibby necks because it has a fuller profile. But I tend to prefer the modern Precision neck to the Jazz neck despite playing both basses. The body is comfortable and light yet big enough to make the bass balance well on a strap. Definitely try one. It compliments my SR1205 very well. The other options you listed are also excellent choices. I can’t see how you can lose with any of them.
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  8. Thanks guys... I bit. I've had the Yamaha here for a couple days now. I did pick up a Rumble 100 because I don't see how I can evaluate them without a genuine bass amp here. Just sold some gear so have funding now and will probably return the Rumble in exchange for a GK 110 or 112.

    The Yamaha is beautiful but different from the BTB675 . I like the Ibby sound better, but it's almost 2 pounds heavier than the TRBX. The sound on the Ibby is "thicker" but very nice on the Yammie as well. Yes, the neck profile on the Yamaha is very nice, in my hands nicer than the SR505 I played at GC. Just fills up my hand better. However, I have grown into the BTB. A couple weeks of solid practice on an instrument can do that to a fellow. I've discovered that part of my issue with the Ibby was string friction. Not sure what it came with but I put DR Pure Blues strings on it and the windings are rougher than the D'Addarios that I have on my Squier and Yamaha. When I play with a cotton glove on (emulating Scott Devine) the facility on the BTB is significantly improved. So I think the strings have come into play as much as anything.

    An interesting thing about the Ibanez is that it has the identical string spacing as the Fender Elite 5-string albeit a different fingerboard radius. But when I played the Fender Elite I disliked the shape of the neck a lot. The neck on the BTB is a lot like their Wizard II necks on their electrics. Very fast and very comfortable.

    Something else interesting came to my attention last week. I play in a worship group regularly and I took the BTB to try for one gig. They had recently installed a hearing loop and single coil pickups make the system squeal! The fix was to turn down the volume on the bass and boost it in the mixer. Same thing happened with a MIA Standard Strat two weeks prior. I'll be testing the Yamaha in the system next week (I presume).

    I still have 2 weeks to decide on the Ibby and almost a month for the Yamaha. I'm not sure how I can part with either. That Ibanez is a work of art and I know I'll never own a finer bass- ever. And the Yamaha is so practical. At almost 8 pounds even it's half a pound lighter than my American Deluxe Stratocaster and extremely well balanced.

    I sold a bunch of gear in the last week, so it's all been "funded". Can anyone help me justify keeping BOTH basses? I know now that I could live with either one and would love to be able to rationalize keeping both. Thanks for your help.

    TBRX605_vs_BTB675_sm.jpg yamaha (1).jpg ibanez_body.jpg
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    @christle @vindibona1 thank you both for the great insight and feedback/follow-up, truly appreciated and means a lot to a fellow TB'er!!

    play those beautiful basses in great health!
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    Jan 26, 2002
    Great post. The biggest justification for both, if you can afford it, is having two distinct sounds. The only other justification is that you want it.

    I like BTBs (a lot) but have never found one in a weight that is comfortable for me (due to an injury years ago incurred in a car accident) for long periods of playing time. Hence the Yamaha and the SR1205. Seriously though, both are great basses. If you only want one pick the one that inspires you.
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  11. Well... I was at Guitar Center in Chicago a couple weeks ago and played the BTB875 that they had there. I guess it's the successor to the 675. I was stunned at how light it was. Maybe not in the 8 pound range but wouldn't be surprised if it were under 9 pounds. Here's the link...
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