Thrash your bass around!

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  1. cbyrd2200


    Aug 31, 2009
    I have one bass. I don't care when it gets knocked around, kicked, knicked, scratched etc. I play the dog piss out of it and I like my bass to be as sturdy as my playing. That's why I have a bass that can take a punch or 10. I squirm a little inside when I see bassists freak out because someone accidentally breathed on their boutique 6 string with 30+ different exotic woods.

    I feel identical about amplifiers. My belly just doesn't rumble for microamps. I'll take an SVT on an 8x10 any day! And I'll haul it the whole way there and back!

    I'm not out to rile up the hen house; you bassists are all great players and taste in equipment is personal, as well as each person's approach to bass playing.

    I just wanna share some love and pictures with those bassists who work their bass as hard as they work themselves.
  2. cbyrd2200


    Aug 31, 2009
    The good 'ol Lotus. That's a 70's Japanese Lotus P bass neck on a 70's Japanese Austin jazz bass body with 70s pickup spacing. They were made in the same era in the same factory (Matsumoku), under different brand names. 40 years later, I found them separately on ebay and put them together. I'll take it over any Vintage Fender Jazz bass. Even Anthony's seafoam green '69!

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