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Thread closed just as I was writing this:

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Bob Lee (QSC), May 10, 2005.

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  1. Bob Lee (QSC)

    Bob Lee (QSC) In case you missed it, I work for QSC Audio! Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jul 3, 2001
    Costa Mesa, Calif.
    Technical Communications Developer, QSC Audio
    Okay, so someone who owns or runs one single restaurant decides to offer an enormous burger on the menu. Somehow, some people see that as symbolic of the US (yes, we eat and consume too much, but that's another story). However, it symbolizes nothing other than that person's decision to have a giant burger on the menu. The vast majority of Americans aren't aware that some restaurant serves a giant burger, and even if they did, they wouldn't flock to it. I also doubt that it will catch on.

    Likewise, if the restaurateur decided not to serve the burger any more, it would cause a similarly non-existant ripple in the American cultural conscious.

    When I saw the photo of the burger, I did not assume that it was targeted at individual diners, but as something that several persons would share at a table. It's similar to the assumption I make when I see that some group decides to make a 10-foot-long submarine sandwich or a 6-foot pizza or something--it's most likely for feeding a number of people. However, I still think that the appeal of the giant burger is limited; think of eating one's own burger versus a slice of a communal slider. I like the idea of the former rather than the latter, even if it might save a dollar or two.

    And remember: "parrots" rhymes with "carrots."
  2. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA
    Bob, I ended that discussion for a reason.

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