Threaded Inserts on Neck Need to Be Fixed

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    Dec 8, 2008
    I have a bass neck which has threaded inserts however the inserts don't go in all the way. They're sticking out about between 1/16" and 1/8". It's on a beater body now so I just created countersinks in the body so they would fit.

    However, I'm getting a nicer MIM Fender body and would like to fix the threaded inserts before re-attaching the neck. I'm concerned that just backing them out and drilling slightly deeper holes will weaken them but if I plug them then re-drill the amount of the plug left will be minuscule.

    Will drilling deeper holes and adding wood glue be strong enough? I also have PL adhesive left over from building my Fearful which I could use instead of wood glue.
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    A trick I learned recently - re-drill deeper, than use a tap to cut the threads in the holes before re-installing the inserts. Then just make sure to align the inserts with the threads so you're not using the insert to cut new threads.

    It wouldn't hurt (IMO) to add basic wood glue just to fill any gaps and provide a stable base for the inserts. Filling with plugs doesn't work if there's no material left for the threads to bite into. Chances are that the holes are close enough to the side of the neck that you can't drill for larger diameter I'd work with what you have and make the holes deeper. I'd be careful to stay small on the new holes and let the tap take out any extra material.

    Other ideas?
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