Three Classic Tracks from the Seventies

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  1. Noonan


    Oct 27, 2011
    I have recently heard all three of these on satellite radio:

    Over the Hills and Far Away (Zep): If someone asks what a Jazz bass sounds like, they should be instructed to listen to this track.

    Say You Love Me (Fleetwood Mac): Not my favorite song, but the bass line is perfect. Nice movement while remaining in the pocket.

    Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder): Nathan Watts destroys it on a Fender Precision. Everything came together on this one, just a joy to hear.
  2. Certainly not the only three, but:
    Dire Straits/John Illsley - 1979 - "Follow Me Home" off of Communique
    Paul McCartney - 1971 - "Another Day" originally a single and then added on later to the Ram album
    Simon and Garfunkel/Joe Osborn - 1970 - "The Only Living Boy In New York" off of Bridge Over Troubled Water

    All of these would be a good place to discover great playing/tone!