Three fingers picking in right hand!

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  1. Coleman


    Oct 13, 2001
    Hong Kong
    i am learning this now, but feel some uncomfortable in cross picking,could anyone help me and suggest the fingering?
  2. watt

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    I think it's good to learn all types of way of plucking. I use thumb and pointer finger, thumb and middle finger, just thumb, just pointer and middle, just pointer (ala james jamerson), pointer plus middle plus ring fingers - all three at once, to make as much contact w/the string as possible. pick too. the more techniques you get down, the more assets you have to approach a solution to what you're trying to get the bass to do. in my opinion, there's no one way to pluck the bass "correct" - it's a highly personal thing. different bass parts and textures come from the different ways it's actuated. I would consider this more essential than a sound effect, like from a stomp box. also, where you meet the string is quite important - close to the fret board or near the bridge and anywhere in between. the more you experiment w/this kind of thing, the more versatile your ability to control the "voice" of the bass. oh - I forget slapping! sometimes there's a need for that too!

    move away for techniques that feel uncomfortable though (if it stays that way for a while) cuz it might lead to getting hurt - that's one thing you definitelly don't want.

    on bass, watt