Three Stonking Basses on

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  1. Here we are... I have just ordered my New Shuker Custom and then...Bam...three of the best basses ive seen pop up on


    Here they are..

    1998 GB IV Custom 4-String


    I have one..hands down the best Jazz bass u'll ever pickup...

    1990 Warwick Streamer I


    Hands down the best warwick IMO..early 90's with Barts...still handmade..can u go wrong really for that Growl...think Stu Zender, Dirk Lance etc etc
  2. 1998 Wal Custom


    The Hippe Sandwich of basses...I have a huge Softspot for Wal...amazing basses through and through and like the GB... Its British...

    And my New Shuker will look something like this... hehehe

    [​IMG] these basses.....

    and also..sorry for wasting TB Space...hehe

  3. Toasted


    May 26, 2003
    Leeds, UK
    Theres a bunch of 70's fenders on there too at the moment. I saw a 78 P go for £485 last week :O :)
  4. These are all wonderful basses.

    The quilt on that GB is simply gorgeous. Wow!