1. lethargytartare


    Sep 7, 2004
    Well, these aren't bass wahs, but with a paralooper or a cap change, they can be :)

    (1) Dunlop Mister Cry Baby Super, EW-95V. SOLD
    (2) 60s/70s Tempo Fuzz Wah -- TRADED

    (3) I also have a completely custom wah, called a Phoenix Wah (by the guy who made it). Hand-built circuit, red fasel inductor, orange drop caps, true bypass, volume/wah switch, bias knob (adds some subtle growl with high-output pickups), all in a dunlop chassis. Pics here:
    http://harrisonfamily.org/bass/pedals/ (see the pics that start with phoenixwah-*)

    Asking $122 shipped (115 plus 7 shipping).

    (4) Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95, modded. Red Fasel, true bypass, vocal mod (carbon comp)
    Asking $67 shipped (60 plus 7 shipping)

    And of course, trades considered.

    Cheers all!

  2. PM'd on the Crybaby.
  3. You got another PM