Three-Way Switching???

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  1. Okay, excuse me for my ignorence...

    I have heard about how great it is to go from series to parallel, to single for a long time now. I understand that you are able to morph your sound by doing so, and that it's a great feature to have with a bass featuring a humbucking pickup.

    Can someone please explain the difference between series/parallel/single for me!?

    I'm very, well, I don't pick stuff up very easily so "slow" IS the word you can call me I guess. Please, please, please use lamence(sp?) terms if you try to explain it to me, and pictures always help!

    (I'm sure I made you laugh, but yes, I am very serious.)

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    jum dude..this will moved to pick up area :cool:
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    So far, my wife has told me no.