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Three weeks until first Gig (Part 3: Week of gig)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by mrcbass, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. mrcbass


    Jan 14, 2016
    Sacramento, CA
    This is the third post about my experience leading to my first bass gig....

    My gig report become quite long, so I decided to separate the week of journal stuff into it's own post. There's not a lot here, but the actual gig report will be a little shorter.

    Week of Gig

    I did some chart prep effort at work on the third set of songs – might as well start getting them in my ear. My focus this week will still be on tightening up the gig songs, but I will begin exploring the next 15 or so songs as well. After work, I swung by FedEx to pick up my monitor that I purchased from Sweetwater. Holy huge batman! I got a way bigger than necessary monitor. I wanted to get one with a 15” speaker so I’d have a shot at hearing my bass through the monitor, I wanted to get a pretty powerful unit (1000w), because it will double as a PA should I ever need it. I was just surprised at how big it is and found it a bit ironic that it weighs almost twice what my Fender Rumble 100 that I would be using on stage if needed. I got the monitor home, ran some music, vocals and my bass through my mixer and tested it out. The bass comes through just fine. I’ll have my amp with me at the gig. But probably won’t use it.

    After stowing the PA and wrapping all the cables, etc,etc, I focused on getting all my prep work done – once and for all. I downloaded a couple of tunes that I hadn’t yet, made new versions (charts and tracks) of songs that needed to be re-keyed, finalized my charts for all three sets, transferred all charts to my tablet, made sure all of the re-keyed songs were on my phone and double checked my phone and tablet playlists very carefully to make sure I had all the stuff where it needed to be. This is all so mentally exhausting and I’m already ready to be done making charts. On top of the 50 or so songs in their current set lists, they have another 30 or so “on the bench” that I’ll eventually need to learn (and I’m not familiar with about 20 of them), not to mention talk of bringing in some fresh tunes. I know I’m not near the end, but I’m hoping we can lock in these three sets through the end of the year (we’re booked every weekend in December).

    I ended up having about 15 minutes of actual bass in hands time before I needed to get my dinner going and then relax for the night. I bounced through the song that I had left off my tablet for rehearsal and one other of the new songs. No real physical progress, but hopefully I’m done with my administrative stuff for this week.

    I finally got an evening where I could just go home and play – no late work meetings, no errands. So I got a solid 2 ½ hours of actual bass work in (finally some fun!). I ran through all of my gig responsibilities, with a few re-dos to tighten vocals or clean up a line and then started looking at the newer stuff I’ll need to have ready to perform in a month. We’ll have a full month of rehearsal in November for me to get really tight on their three sets and I want to be ready to rehearse them. Shouldn’t be a problem. Got through three of those before I noticed that I was just not focusing anymore, so I called it good and had some dinner and chilled for the night.

    I hosted my jazz fusion rehearsal, featuring the new (to me) kit I picked up this weekend so my drummer didn’t need to lug his kit all the time. Yes, I like my drummers that much (or I don’t play with them!). I snuck in a few minutes of cover band work before they arrived, but no significant progress.

    Two more nights with no distractions. Thursday, did another run through of my set and a half, plus a pass through on the stuff I hadn’t worked over on the third set. Friday at work, I got most of the chart work done for the songs on the bench (slow day). At home, I just ran through the two sets. Felt like I would have been pleased if I played the sets that well for the gig. Some mistakes, but reasonable considering everything. Not really going to get as tight as I want in the time I have, so I’m feeling as ready as I’m going to get and didn’t want to burn out, so shut down practice after about 90 minutes.

    Next Post: Gig report of first Gig!
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