Three wire jazz bass pickup question?

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  1. I have a nearly 40 year old Cortez jazz bass that I'm changing the pots on. I noticed it has three wires per pickup; one red going to the center lug on the volume pot; one white and one blue, both going to the ground on the top of the pot. All the jazz bass pickups I have worked with in the past have only had two wires. What is the purpose of the third wire? Does this third wire allow for any special wiring options?

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  2. No way to be sure without messing around with it with a meter. Could be dual-coil pickups. Or could be a shield wire(probably the blue one).
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    Jan 4, 2013
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    No Dual Coil ...

    I "know" that Red is HOT.
    White and Blue are "the other end of the coil + some kind of grounding (a metal plate somewhere in/at the PU?

    This was made to have the opportunit for Out-of-Phase or the correction of Out-of-Phase without loosing the seperate grounding.

    Red is one end of the coil(s). Can't say if White or Blue is the other end.
    As dmusic148 aldready wrote: A meter will prove.

    Two colours should show about 7k ohms - about +/- 2k Ohms ...
    One will have no connection to the other coils ...