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    So last summer I moved about an hour from my old home, tried to keep playing with my old bands but gave up on the long commutes (and for other reasons) after a couple of months. Went on some auditions in the fall, and landed with two groups; an eclectic classic rock-to-modern-pop cover band and an oldies group. Both are startups, the modern group has one gig booked so far and plans to gig twice a month, the oldies group has nothing booked yet but just started pounding the pavement and has a lot of interest, so will probably start gigging soon, and seems like they want to gig as much as possible.

    I auditioned for one other group, an established 80s band that gigs 3-5 times a month. They were quite good, and I liked them, but I worried that with that gigging schedule I wouldn't be able to play in any other bands and I didn't want to play wall-to-wall 80s all the time. So after the audition I wrote the BL to say thanks but I was taking myself out of the running. I assumed that with that gigging schedule they'd have no problem finding a good bassist. I don't know how THEY thought I did and whether they would have offered me the slot if I hadn't withdrawn.

    Well, their ad just popped up on CL again, months later - I don't know if they never found anyone or if whoever they found didn't work out. So, I'm tempted to contact them again and ask if they'd be interested in me. I probably could spare time for rehearsal and I already know a lot of their music. Also, while I don't look to gigging to pay the bills, our household budget is very tight and a couple hundred extra a month would really come in handy. The question is, if the other bands (especially the oldies band) starts getting a lot of gig offers, there are likely to be a lot of scheduling conflicts.

    So, thoughts? Just looking for people's reactions. Should I stick to what I've got, or would a third band be reasonable to take on?
  2. 3-5 gigs/mth isn't that many gigs TBH.
    ....36-60 gigs/yr x $X/gig = $????/yr).

    Be clear on what your goal is....
    If it's extra money, $5-10k cash isn't something to pass up too quickly, esp when you can have fun earning it.
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    Jan 17, 2009
    3 bands? Sometimes it works out.
    I did it for a while. Gigs & schedules were so sporadic that I was able to do it for a year.
    Who ever called first was my motto.
    Depends what you want. Money or hobby bands.
    Good luck.
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    An established band with a solid work history vs. an "if they take off" start up? Everything else being equal (talent, personal compatability, etc.), to me it seems an obvious choice. The problems you fear may never arise! Go with the "bird (gigs) in hand" and see what happens down the road.