Thumb 4 versus Thumb 5

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  1. Hi. I bought a used Warwick Thumb 5 bolt-on about a month ago, and am wondering whether I should try trading for a 4. The differences are narrower string spacing on the 5, and the fact that the "neck" pu on the 5 is far, far closer to the bridge than the neck pu on the 4.

    I haven't been in a store that had both a thumb 4 and a thumb 5 simultaneously, so I can't compare easily.

    Your thoughts? Specifically, does the 4 get closer to a Fender J tone? It's hard to get the sort of boosted mids on the 5 that a Fender gets when one pu is rolled off a bit, I guess because the pu's are too close together. . .

    FWIW, the Thumb 5 does have a kiiillllliing B string!

    . . . but so does my other 5, a custom J-style with EMG's and a Modulus graphite neck.
  2. I have a Thumb 5 NT, and also a Thumb 4 NT. The 5 is much heavier (by just over a pound), is somewhat neck-heavy, and also feels not unlike a base-ball bat, but has great tone (I use Elixirs). The Thumb 4 feels much nicer, is lighter, has a much more comfortable neck (not unlike a Rickenbacker), and also has a great tone (Pyramid Golds).

    Hope this helps -

    - Wil

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    Warwick has also just realeased the option of wider necks on both the Thumb4 and 5 for about $160.00 or so(as if there not rich enough). Just thoughtyou'd like to know.