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Thumb Bass and Neck Dive

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gruffpuppy, Mar 17, 2001.

  1. has anyone tried to move the rear strap button on their thumb bass to compensate for the neck dive?
    I have a nice thick strap and it does help and the neck dive but it gets kind of irritating when you move right hand positions.
  2. Yeah -- I've been wondering this too. In which direction do you move the button? Towards the floor (when the bass is strapped on), or up towards the E string?

    I had a G&L ASAT bass for a while, which had 2 rear strap buttons so you could choose between them. I never quite figured out the physics of how that worked, and got tired of reaching 5 feet with my left hand to fret a low F, so I sold the bass!
  3. Yeah, I've heard about the warwick neck -dive, but my Thumb six neck-thru, hasn't ever done this, admittedly, I have never played a 4 or 5 string, I used to have a long-scale,small-body Alembic that dove for the dirt at every opportunity though!
  4. yea it the physics of it that are killing me.

    i saw one were the guy move the front button to the back of the body, behind the neck, it worked but seemed to get in the way.
  5. The neck-thru 1990 Thumb 4 I owned never had a neck dive issue so I'm wondering what changed between then and now that obviously is causing this problem. It boggles the mind. Do they offer a broad neck option on the neck-thru's now? That could screw up the balance point.

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