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Discussion in 'Warwick Basses' started by jeremy_p, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Jun 29, 2011
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    I play a Thumb and recently put GHS Pressure Wounds on it and tuned to drop D and it sounds awesome. There is something weird about the bass though. Whether I tune it EADG or DGCF, I will get it in tune but the first two frets will always be way sharp unless I play right on the fret itself. After the first two frets, all the others are just fine. Any ideas as to why?

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    Could be a couple things you should check first...

    A. Is the bass intonated? Sometimes when you change strings a new set up and intonation needs to be done again.

    B. How high is the just-a-nut set on that side or even all the way across? If it’s too high and you have to dramatically press the strings down it could make a sharp note.

    The frets are correct I’m sure so there must be a set up issue of some sort. I have also encountered weird harmonic overtones with new strings especially when there is a taper core and a long amount of the core open like DR Longnecks. You can actually get two notes at the same time from the longer part of the taper that hangs over the bridge and the normal part of the string. That can do weird things like make it sound like you have a chorus or even make a note sound sharp or flat.
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