Thumbrest on a J-Bass

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  1. Do any of you guys have a thumbrest on your J-Basses? Is it comfortable? Does it makes fingerstyle easier?
  2. steve21

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    I got a neck pup cover that I use as a thumbrest.

    It makes it play really easy, is hells comfortable, and looks bamf.
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    I have one between my two pick-up.
    I formed with a Musicman so the place between the pick-up in a Jazz , or over the MM pick-up is, for me, the best place for tightness and bigsound of the strings. and i wasnt confortable on my jazz.. i've made me a thumbrest with a pice of oak that i painted black to go with the bass...

    i'l post a pic tonight.. go to go teach some bass to some little dude!

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    I have had them on other basses but not the Sadowsky.