Thumbrest on the G side?

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  1. What's the purpose of the thumbrest on the G string side of the body? I know a lot of the old Fenders have them there, but what's their purpose? You wouldn't actually rest your thumb on it would you?

    Please educate me.

    Like this:
  2. I imagine Leo Fender envisaged the bass being plucked with the thumb.
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    Jun 19, 2003
    Back in the very old days, you played with your thumb. So it was a handrest. I think.
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    I've heard them described as a tugbar. You would pluck with your thumb and use the tugbar for leverage by grasping in with your fingers, I think.
  5. That's interesting. Anyone know when they moved to the E side?
  6. early - mid 70s
  7. RBradley


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    Watch Old videos of the Beach boys.

    Brain Wilson uses it while plucking with his thumb
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    This needs to be a sticky.
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    Search is your friend. Discussed many, many times. Search for "tugbar". Original assumption was that bass players would play with their thumbs.
  10. Connor


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    hold it with your index & middle finger while plucking with your thumb
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    +1. :rollno:
  12. wikipedia

    search tugbar
  13. this doesn't need stickied
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    I for one never knew it was called a tugbar,
    so I couldn't have searched anywhere for it even if I wanted to.
  15. Ditto. Thanks for the info everyone!
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