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  1. im not too fond of hardshell cases. i like holding my basses on my back.. any gig bags out there that allow u to put a thunderbird on ur back?
  2. Those B.C. Rich bags you see at Guitar Center can fit a Thunderbird.
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  4. The major problem you see with T-Birds (besides neck dive) is broken headstocks. Mine has a 1.5" nut, and theres a healthy angle going backwards, aside from a huge paddle of a headstock- which just begs for a break. I wouldn't trust a T-Bird in any gig bag.
  5. thanks man :)

    this is probably a long shot but would i be able to put two Boss pedels and a wah wah pedal in those pockets?

    and i searched google for "5 string LeCompte T-bird" and didnt come up what anything at all... can i see a pic please? :)
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  7. i jsut checked out every image.. that was wicked!! :)

    i dont understand what u mean... i dont see a crack or anything.

    are u implying that there MIGHT be a crack?
  8. The intent of the picture is just showing how large the headstock is and how small the comparitive nut width is. I didn't take a picture from above to show how thin the wood is behind the nut. Historically, thinness of wood coupled with the large headstock and the angle at which the headstock is pitched has caused problems specifically for Thunderbirds, and Gibsons in general. A gig bag offers no protection from a blow that could easily break the headstock. My T-Bird lives in a case, it's been gigged hard, it's 26 years old, and it doesn't have a crack.
  9. Well I have a thunderbird and found this in the search because i am really bored. Well, My prized t-bird has gone everywhere in my b.c. rich gig bag. I would imagine that you would have already bought what you want by now but this is a good choice. Oh, whoops I just remembered that you said something about pedals.. well then I wouldn't ever use the b.c. rich bag for pedals but it works perfect for a t-bird + cords + tuner.
  10. actually, i never got the t-bird... the dude that was selling it to me backed out... jerk

    thanks anyway :)