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  1. Dustbin9665


    Sep 12, 2021
    I've been thinking about getting and modding an Epiphone goth thunderbird IV.
    There are two main mods: A Kahler trem and pickup swap but I have a couple questions and doubts.
    First of all about the bass itself. How well made are these instruments? I get they are cheap but are they actually decent basses? Also the higher fret access is pretty important for me.
    Then the mods. Will a Kahler even fit on a thunderbird and do I need the rearward or forward saddles? Now this may sound kind of weird but I want some more balanced pickups, something that will let me play a variety of genres. I don't mind if they need routing as I'll probably hand the bass off to a luthier anyway.
    Finally, will it even be worth it? It's a cheap bass and these mods might actually be equal to the cost of the bass. I play a variety of music so I would want it to be versatile with the new pickups. Honestly I just want it to be well balanced and sound good and a decent bass for the price with a trem of course.

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  2. GIBrat51

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    I'd post this question over on the Thunderbird Club forum (yes, I'm a member). My T-Bird's a Gibson, though; mainly 'cause Epiphone usually doesn't make leftys. Lots of members have (and like) Epi T-Birds - of every model. They can tell you everything you'd ever want to know about them - and more... Lots of them have a hard time leaving them stock, too. There's a very good chance somebody's already done what you want to do. Maybe several somebodies... :cool:
  3. Dustbin9665


    Sep 12, 2021
    Thank you! I was unaware there was a forum dedicated to thunderbirds.
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