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Thunderbird passive Alnico pickup options

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by uOpt, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. uOpt


    Jul 21, 2008
    Boston, MA, USA
    I have one of those modern US Gibson Thunderbirds and I would like to try more vintage style pickups.

    Is there anybody who produces Thunderbird pickups the original way, that means bar magnets inside the coils (as opposed to magnet on bottom and passive blade "polepieces" inside the coils)?

    The Lollars do, but I hesitate to fork out $400.

    Are those passive EMGs OK? What magnets do they have?
  2. wvbass


    Mar 1, 2004
  3. xray


    Feb 15, 2009
    Kona, HI
    +1 'nough said. Just under 400, but you can use the balance to buy the trim hardware. Quality tbird pickups aren't cheap.
  4. uOpt


    Jul 21, 2008
    Boston, MA, USA
    Well $320 is more to my liking than $400 for the Lollars.

    These guys ever have cashback sales? :D