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    Dec 26, 2018

    thought ill post my questions here maybe also.
    So I got myself an Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro and I really like it, the tone and the looks and how it plays.
    Problem is, I play C standard at our current project, and the intonation with the .110 Labella 760m string was impossible(I wanted to try them out and they have high tension so i figured would be good for drop tunings). Tuner always said 12th fret was almost C# not even a C. (Saddle for this string was maxed out to the back, aswell for the F String, which was also a tiny bit sharp)
    So I went to the music store to let them take a look at it and they said i will need another bridge if i want to use these strings.
    For now i just put on an old roundwound .110 Earnie Ball Power Slinky and this is really floppy but it's intonated (Saddle still maxed out to the back).
    I also tried EADG and the E was still sharp with the Labellas. Even like .105 gauge Daddario tuned to E need to be maxed out to the back so it wont be sharp :(

    So I've got 2 questions:
    If I modify my the nut of my Bass, to put in Like .130 .100 .080 .060 strings or something, will I be able to intonate it with this bridge, or will thicker gauges at higher tension, tend to be even more problematic in camparison to the Labella 760m with starts at 110 but has thicker cores that usual Roundwounds? (would prefer not to file the nut)
    And currently there are no 2 Point bridges from hipshot available but if i manage to get one somewhere, will the intonation problem be fixed?? and which one is the correct one for my bass?
    I also read about the 2 point badbrid bridge, for the old gibsons, but I think the guy who builds them posted that the Epi Vintage pro does not need it, so i guess that its almost the same as the vintage pro stock bridge.

    So I took some pictures of the bridge and the nut and stuff so maybe you can see more than I can.
    And I would also like to know what options for bridges there are that fit in the holes for the Epiphone VP. Definetly want to stay with that bass.
    So with the setup on this pictures it's about 30 cents sharp on the E string Tuned to a C on a 110 gauge. And again, putting on a Roundwound 105 with the saddle for this string, still all the way back, is perfect pitch on the E (tuned as an E).
    What are the options for me to use this bass with a C Standart tuning if I want to play it intonated? Preferably with none to very little modification ont he bass. But ill do whatever it takes lol.

    here the pics: photo5458631416213515474.jpg photo5458631416213515475.jpg photo5458631416213515476.jpg photo5458631416213515477.jpg photo5458800096759098439.jpg

    I hope someone who has experienced problems like this before me can safe me time and nerves. I would really appreciate it.

    Thx for reading and Peace
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    Have you set the witness points at the bridge and nut? This is a very common problem when they haven’t been set.
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    Dec 26, 2018
    Thanks for the answer, yes I did check for the witness points. I also went to a luthier and he said he cant do much about it just pressed a little more onto the witness point at the bridge.
    So now I am in the situation as described.
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