Thunderbuckers or Nordstrand Dual Coils (probably really stupid)

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  1. StephenDaRacket


    Mar 23, 2013
    So a very good friend of mine is a luthier with some very promising talent and has offered to build me a bass for a very low cost and I'm trying to decide what pickups I want to put in this thing. I know I like humbuckers (preferably with coil tapping properties) in the middle and bridge positions.
    I'm looking for pickups with some big bottom end and clear articulate mids and highs. I play very veried genres but mostly finger and slap styles. I've had a hard time finding decent sound samples anywhere online. I'm mostly wondering how these are going to compare, even though I know they are in very different categories and are both supposedly phenomenal.
    I would also consider Rio Grande's Pitbull or Powerbucker if anyone had sound samples or reviews for them. It seems that everywhere I look people want more info on all of these pickups. My main bass right now is fender blacktop precision that I added could tapping to. I also have a jazz and an ESP Viper 414 that I play less frequently.
    Any knowledge you can pass on about these pickups is hugely appreciated!

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