Thundercat, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins - live on Jimmy Fallon

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    May 5, 2011

    Love me some Thundercat. Kenny Loggins voice is no good live at this age it seems, unfortunately. Michael McDonald sounded fantastic, and tasty bassline from Thundercat (some of the fills during MM & KL's verses are very close to those on the album bassline though, less improv in there than I thought). Peep the solo at 3:36. Overall nice performance, very happy to see tcat blowin' up.
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    Man, I hate I missed that. I was watching the Tonight Show when they mentioned Michael MacDonald and Kenny Logins. I figured Thundercat would be there too, and should have watching instead of hearing the same old same old on a political show.:cool:

    Listening to some of Thundercats lyrics, I get the feeling he is 17 at heart, especially his song, "Friend Zone," where berates a woman for calling him late at night, and not offering him any sex. That made me drift back about 30 or so years. I know one thing, Thundercat is trying too hard to look eccentric!
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