Thunderfunk 550 or UK-made Ashdown ABM EvoIII (with spending money!)?

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  1. Currently there are two very nice heads I can get at the moment after just selling my Marshall, but I'm a bit torn on which to go for. Heard good things about the Thunderfunk and wanted try one for ages, but I know I like Ashdown and know it sounds big and solid, has a warm for an SS amp sound, and also is pretty well proven for heavy loud stuff. Plus it's a UK made one so I'd hope that might mean any Ashdown related reliability problems they are a little renowned for might be a little less likely to happen to it. On to of that it's £325 vs £580 for the Thunderfunk, so I'd have £255 to play with for a setup to make my Fender Bullet BEAD friendly, get the Kalium strings I got for it on at last, and generally sort it out cos it needs the action sorting out a bit. Also could fund the Vfe mutiband distortion that I want too.

    The Thunderfunk is obviously a very very well made amp, but I don't have any real reference on what it'll sound like other then some wanky slap bass clips that sound absolutely nothing like what I'll use it for, what I think I can hear from it though is it's got a nice warm character to it and hasn't got too much of a sterile hi-fi tone, but I'm not really sure. The portability would be great though, currently only got one project on the go but it'd be nice to have an amp I could haul about on the train or bus or whatever without dislocating a shoulder. It's not a major perk cos I think most of the time for gigs or proper rehearsals I'll need to move my cab anyway, and if I really needed just the head the Ashdown is light enough for me to carry it a few yards before and after a taxi or something, much unlike the VBA400 plus a flightcase.

  2. Clark Dark

    Clark Dark

    Mar 3, 2005
    A plus for me would be if there was factory certified service available for either amp.
  3. Nah nothing like that going unfortunately. Anyone know anything about the UK made Ashdowns? Think I'm probably more tempted by the Ashdown as I know it better and could really do with the overdrive and the setup, but don't wanna miss out on a great head when I could just be patient and wait to sell a couple of other bits to fund them.
  4. SteveCS


    Nov 19, 2014
    Hampshire, UK
    Ashdown. The pedigree is Trace Elliot...look it up. I have EVOIII and it is solid. £325 for ABM sounds reasonable.
  5. Yeah have always enjoyed the good ashdown stuff, have always liked trace too but never found a setting where I'd want their sound for anything, but if I did I'd be all over finding an old beat up 90s trace rig. Plus I've just lost all will power and bought this


    so looks like I'm probably getting the ashdown unless I can free up 150 quid from anywhere...
  6. chris_b


    Jun 2, 2007
    A word for Thunderfunk. I can't recommend the TF550 highly enough. I used one for about 5 years and only sold it when I upgraded to the 750.

    You can get any tone out of the comprehensive eq but I had most controls at 12 o'clock and balanced my tone on the Timbre control. I used mine with Aguilar GS112's, an Epifani 410 and Bergantino AE112's and AE210's.

    I'm just an old fashioned solid, R&B, Soul, Funk, Blues player, and with my active Lakland and passive Lull P (5 er's) I've never had a bad sound.

    They work with every cab I've owned and every band I've played in. My Markbass, TC, Aguilar amps have come and gone but the TF still gets regularly used.

    I'd try to stretch the budget if you can and at least give the 550 an audition.
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  7. I think the budget is gone now, but I think I've made the right decision, the Thunderfunk might be nice but I'm just a little wary of gambling on it to have to wait to sell it as I'm only gonna really be able to afford and also probably one 1 amp. I definitely needed a more flexible overdrive pedal as I'm using overdrive as a constant tone in the band I'm playing with most at the moment, and the one I have now is a guitar pedal that has quite a nice sound, but no control over the top or bottom end, and it's getting totally lost even in a 3 piece. The setup I could also do with cos the nut needs some work to get a 142 gauge string into it and I just can't get the thing to intonation properly, plus the action is too high, the whole thing is a bit out of tune and the strings on it aren't great.

    The Ashdown should do a decent job for now I reckon, I'll save some pennies for something else if for some reason I don't like it, but every time I've used an ABM it's been good, and I've not tried one through my NV215 yet either.

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