Thunderfunk 750 amp problem

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  1. Amp had a lose wire caused from vibration. Sent it back to Dave and problem was taken care of also had all the latest updates.
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  2. Low Class

    Low Class

    Jul 4, 2005
    If it were me I'd send it back to Dave(Bob). He will have the parts and also be able give it a thorough going over.
  3. I sent him an email yesterday and am waiting for his response. If I don't hear back from him today I'll call him tomorrow.
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    Oct 11, 2008
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    I know some dudes over in the FX forum that would pay good money for those kind of tones!;) JK.

    Bummer when gear goes down.
    A local guy should be able to fix it. As stated right on the Tfunk home page, "Each amp is handmade in the USA, and designed so you can get one repaired literally anywhere in the world."
  5. I had an amp from the 90's go bad - dried up power caps, or something like that. Distorted and loss of power. Was an easy fix for a tech in my case. I'd try local if there's any reputable shops - otherwise ship it out. In my case the repair cost less than what you're looking at in shipping costs though. Good luck.
  6. jastacey


    Feb 8, 2009
    You have top shelf equipment .... sent it to the person who built it ...granted it is going to cost some coin ... but do you really want some hack fiddling with your equipment and using it as a learning curve? ....IMHO
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  7. Update: Spoke to Dave today. I am sending the amp back to him. He also mentioned doing some updates. The shipping isn't going to be cheap especially insuring it, but I will have piece of mind when I get it back.
  8. hennessybass

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    Oct 11, 2008
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    Hard to go wrong with that move. I'm guessing he will update it to 800B specs. I'm looking for a used 750/800 and I've run into more than a few 750A updated to 800B amps.
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    OP, please update this thread with the results when you get the amp back. If the amp has an effects loop did you try linking the send and return with a signal cable. Often the switch contacts can get dirty.
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    Having peace of mind is worth it. Dave will have it back to sound the way it was supposed to be.
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  11. Update: Dave took care of the amp and is shipping it out to me on Monday. He said it was a broken connection in the power amp caused from vibration. Also updated, surge protection, heat sinking, and power amp current limiting so now the 750 will be putting out 800 watts @ 2ohms. In my 36 years of playing bass the Thunderfunk was the BEST musical investment I've made. IMHO no other amp even comes close....Thank you Dave Funk!!!!!
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  12. chris_b


    Jun 2, 2007
    I used to have a TFB550 but now use an upgraded TFB750. What fantastic amps.

    My amps always sit on the cab on foam blocks to protect them from vibrations.
  13. jastacey


    Feb 8, 2009
    Sounds like you'll be back in business, when the amp gets back to you ... I too ... had my 550B updated and it was money well spent ...
  14. Yes, looking forward to getting the amp back. Probably won't have it in time for my New Years Eve gig, but should get it by the weekend.

    Don't want to get off topic but while my TF was down I picked up an Aguilar TH500. I used it on a few gigs and figured I would keep it as a backup. Long story short, I didn't like it. It had a nice warm old school bottom end but was lacking in the mids and highs and just didn't have the snap I'm used too. When I returned it at Guitar Center they had a Little Mark Tube 800 on sale. I was tempted but wasn't sure if I cared to much for the LM tone either. I'm going to try out my friends GK MBF800. Guess I'm just spoiled with the TF tone but one of these micros will be good to have as a back up.
  15. jastacey


    Feb 8, 2009
    I too have a TH500 ..... it is an amp that you have to really spend time with, to find your tone, it a different take on tone, but in the end I always end up going back to the 550B, there is something about the that amp that I just like and yes micro's are a good thing to have for back-up ....IMHO
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