SOLD Thunderfunk TFB-550

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  1. RichSnyder

    RichSnyder Columbia, MD Supporting Member

    Jun 19, 2003
    Excellent condition Thunderfunk TFB550 with "The Switch". Includes rack ears. PayPal'ed and Shipped CONUS.

    There are a hundred threads on this amp, but let me know if you have any questions.


    TFB550-A Serial numbers 500-599AC

    Power 100-120-220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz Fuse Size 3AG 6.25 Amps Slo-Blo for 100-120 volt operation or 3.00 Amps Slo-Blo for 220-240 volt operation

    Preamp Gain/Limiting, Enhance, Bass, Semi-Parametric Tone Control, Treble, Timbre.

    Power 550-watts into 4 ohms or 300-watts into 8 ohms. 2 OHM OPERATION IS NOT RECOMMENED

    Dimensions 17” wide x 3½” high x 10-1/2” deep (19” wide with rack ears)

    Weight 15 pounds or 6.8 kilograms (Add 1 pound or 0.45 kilograms for rack ears)

    tUi3DW5zTX2WYRv8KzzdyQ.jpg VvvO5dtBQWi3cxuj5SYDyQ.jpg
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  2. DaveTomasi

    DaveTomasi Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 15, 1999
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Awesome amp & seller! GLWTS!
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