SOLD Thunderfunk TFB-550B bass amp with case

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    I'm selling off as much gear as I can to clean up my house. I love this amp but also have 3 EBS heads and about 10 EBS cabs, so...
    I liked this amp so much I sold it and bought it back.

    Thunderfunk TFB550B-B completely hand-made, hi-fidelity amp for bass. Designed and built by amp guru Dave Funk.

    It is in great cosmetic condition and in proper working order. Comes with Cabbage Case and rack mount ears.

    • Dual Input Jacks –
      • The left jack is designed for a standard 1/4" inch plug
      • The right 1/4 inch jack can be used in two ways, and both inputs can be utilized at the same time.
        • The first application is as a line-level mono insert. The output from an alternative source such as a drum machine, CD/tape player, or even a mix from the PA can be added.
        • The second 1/4 jack can also be used to provide an output signal to your tuner.
    • Mute Switch with LED Indicator
    • Gain/Limit with LED Indicator
    • Limit Switch
    • Enhance Control
      • This tone-shaping control changes the instruments harmonic effect, giving the bass a more identifiable, penetrating tone
    • Bass Control
      • This tone control is a shelving type, providing a boost or cut of 15dB starting at 80 Hz. Frequencies above this are not really affected, but frequencies below are boosted uniformly. The control is flat at the 12 o’clock position, for an easy and fast flat setting.
    • Semi-Parametric Controls
      • There are four pairs of semi-parametric controls. These let you boost or cut the sound at the specific frequencies, compensating for room and speaker variations, different playing styles and instruments, etc, without conflicting settings. The upper knob selects the frequency, and the knob immediately below selects the amount boosted at that frequency, providing a 15 dB boost or cut adjusted in a fixed one-octave bandwidth.
      • Frequency Controls
        • These four controls are provided for selection of the low, low-middle, upper-middle, and high frequencies you may wish to boost or cut.
      • Boost/Cut Controls
        • Located beneath each Frequency Control, these controls will boost or cut the selected frequency by +/-15 dB. They are flat at their 12 o‘clock position, and the control is detented so it is easy and fast to set the individual EQ controls to flat.
    • Treble Control
      • This tone control is a shelving type, providing a 15 dB of boost or cut at slope starting at 2000 Hz
    • Timbre Control
      • This unique control is great for making rapid and useful adjustments to the overall tone

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